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Happy Place is a New Age Shoppe that carries metaphysical tools such as crystals, geodes, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite Lamps, Crystal Geode Lamps as well as theme lamps.  We carry gemstone jewellery, pendulums, singing bowls including crystal as well tibetan bowls, oracle decks, tarot decks, energy tools, books, journals, greeting cards, oil diffusers, and many more items to help you find your Happy Place.  We are now also carrying Specialty Teas, Dreamcatchers, Crystal Suncatchers and yes even CBD Oils for pain relief and to help calm different kinds of symptoms.  Our CBD product has 0% THC and is Canadian Made.


The crystals in our shoppe come from all over the world; Brazil, Peru, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Bolivia, Uruguay, Morocco and Canada.

Crystals positively interact with our body's chakras, and each serve their own purpose. While some crystals help improve concentration and creativity, others help to reduce  stress, and support health and wellness. Placing crystals on specific areas of the body or in your home help to induce emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

It is important to cleanse crystals after someone other

than yourself has touched them, if you have taken them

outside of your living space, and a few days before a full moon. This is important to do, as crystals absorb energy, and will not work to their full potential if they are not routinely cleansed. 

Learn more about crystals by visiting our shoppe, or by attending one of our upcoming workshops.


The shoppe is now carrying many specialty teas including Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinals tea with inspirational messages and quotes with each teabag.  I have dozens of different tasting teas that will be sure to make that special moment perfect or help you just to feel better at the right part of your day.


I have been working closely with a supplier for a Canadian made product that has come in for a Q & A evening and always available for any questions you may have.  This product has 0% THC and has been doing wonders for my sore shoulder amongst other ailments.  If you need any information please feel free to reach out to me and I will do anything I can to help you with any questions you may have.

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46 Prince Edward Street Unit #3
Brighton, Ontario
Due to Covid-19 things have been crazy and appointments of my own have changed so often.  Presently the hours at the shoppe are Tuesday to Saturday 11am until 4pm. 
Tuesdays Reiki Energy Healing is available by appointment. 
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