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March Newsletter

A Selfless Love

Sometimes I am late in getting my newsletter put together, and I have finally given myself permission for this expectation hangover to subside.  In the beginning, I would experience anxiety because in my mind all of the  subscribers were waiting for this newsletter. To me, it felt like I was out of integrity when it did not appear in their mailbox the 1st of every month.  The truth is I have shamed myself enough in this lifetime that I have decided ‘NO MORE.’ How vain of me to think you are waiting for this newsletter, and how clumsy of me to just throw something together in order to make the deadline.

The minute I hit send on my newsletter, my mind starts racing for the next newsletter and it is a forever spinning wheel. Through the few weeks in between, my topics bounce from one idea to another. If I am not called to start writing, then the passion for that newsletter leaves, and I am on to the next thought. Yes I let myself off in February, on a light note, without showing the onion layers of my existence. This month the topic has changed a few times, and I was never called to write until now. I know and believe Spirit calls in my writing, and when the time is right the heart starts speaking. I have learned when it comes from my mind I am not always aligned with it. When my heart starts the writing, I know this is what I am called to share. I do not know what my sharing gives to my readers but I do know what my sharing gives to me. I only hope that in the peeling back of my onion, you will possibly get a glimpse of what lies within yours.

On Monday, I hadn’t found my newsletter yet and I knew it would have to surface soon. Mondays are my day off to do all my background work, and this Monday it was spent in a Kleenex box instead. This is when my newsletter reared its ugly head. At 3PM, I started spinning into a mini breakdown, then the call was made.

Going back to three years ago, while living in St. Marys, I was asked to watch a foster dog through Team Chelsea’s Pet Rescue in Durham, and of course the answer was YES. It was a scary yes because I would be what some call a foster failure, and I am known when on holidays to be the dog lady. Where I go strays will follow and I mean whether I am in Italy, Dominican or even Costa Rica.  This in particular dogsitting turned into me being the proud owner of a very slobbery Boomer a 2 year old Gentle Giant Black Lab. When I met with the then foster mom, I knew she knew, I was not giving him back. I loved Boomer and I was going to save him as he had been re-homed 3 times and he needed to know he belonged.

Boomer belonged in mine and LuLu’s heart but never did he truly connect with my partner and our other little dog Leo. Boomer was one big dog with a lot of love to give and all he asked for in return was to be loved back. Boomer did not know where we ended and he began that first year and his slobber was everywhere. During all this time my partner became very unhappy and was filled with so much anxiety. Before too long our relationship fell apart and I ended up taking Boomer and LuLu to the lake for the summer of 2018. We were not going back, and that is when I knew there was a new life being forged for the three of us. Please don’t get me wrong; Boomer was not the cause of our breakup, but he definitely was the Angel sent to help me heal. He was the Angel who would one day save LuLu’s life in 2018. I am sure Boomer was sent as our very own Lassie.  Amazing how our puppies unconditionally love us so much that we find our way back through their kisses and cuddles. These beauties watch us so intently and know exactly what we need and when we need it.

Boomer, LuLu and myself found the perfect place to call home in September 2018, which turned out to be a home in Brighton. Thank you to my late crazy Chocolate Lab Bronson as we found a place where they would be able to run through trees and play all day long. I made a promise to Bronson years ago that him and LuLu would have a yard with tons of trees to play in and to laze around. Although Bronson didn’t make it, LuLu did and she brought her new boy Boomer alongside with her. Bronson however did make it to the trees as he runs and plays in spirit with the rest of the crew.

Did Boomer bring us to Brighton with the blessings of the Universe? Was this the plan all along? Today I am realizing the universe does have a great hand in the unfolding of our lives. It gives us the characters needed to grant us access to our most extreme pains, our greatest growth and some pretty amazing moments to recognize what life is all about. I would not have picked this property if it were not for the promise I made Bronson and birthing of the pain that I felt when I failed him. Boomer took that perceived failure into his heart and found a way to bring me back into my own heart. Boomer became my Lassie, as this gentle giant settled beside me to get me through a pretty big life transition of retiring from real estate, and moving to a place where I did not know a soul. In return, my larger than life Boomer had the perfect yard and he ran it like running a marathon every day of the week.  Funny how I rescued him from Whitby to bring him to St. Marys only to have him come full circle back to Whitby, Ontario.

I am able to say Whitby because this week I ripped my own heart open to experience a rawness by the name of Selfless Love. What is Selfless Love? It is being able to look your beautiful boy in his eyes, knowing they love nobody more than you, and to say, “I am not good enough for you.”  No not really but that is what it has felt like the past few days. The ‘I am not good enough’ is a limiting belief I & many people out there ingrain into ourselves as small children. These are the beliefs we hold on to; and for some, we hold onto them for our entire life. It takes a lot out of us to look it closely in the eye, to recognize it is just a voice, and to realize those beliefs truly hold no merit.

Boomers life changed when I opened up Happy Place and so did our relationship. Boomer came to me when I was selling real estate and able to juggle my hours to work with my partner. Now with the shoppe, and on my own all I saw was the sadness of Boom’s eyes every day as I left for work and it was so very heartbreaking. The excitement when I walked through that door after 5pm was so overbearing. From the moment I got home he would sit in front of me within 2 inches of my face. He would throw his slobber all over me and lick me to death. When I watched TV he would stand up on his back legs and just stare nonstop. When visitors came to visit, he did the same to them and they would leave covered in his slobber. Yes, we all have our dogs that follow us to the bathroom as we are pack animals but this guy may as well have been a joey in my pouch as there was not even a string that could slide between us. The anxiety Boomer was starting to exhibit was breaking my heart and I didn’t quite know how I could fix it without giving up my shoppe. Boomer was now licking his paws and starting to eat books. This was a dog who had never chewed a thing except self soothing on my slippers without ever putting a tear in them. My Boomer was trying to tell me something and I was not listening.

This is when I made the call!

I picked up the phone to call my daughter, and when she answered I started balling. Through my tears I was saying I can’t handle Boomer anymore, I am ruining his life and he doesn’t deserve this. In turn, Kirstyn was sitting beside her father, my ex husband, and I could hear him say “I will take BoomBoom”. I asked for a breather of 10 minutes, as I hung up and crawled on top of Boomer begging him to let me know what he needed.

I knew in my heart Boomer deserved to not be alone every single day of the week while I went to work. My ex was retired, and would love on Boomer beyond what I was capable of. Ray was the love of my life, the father of my children, and always present in our lives. Ray could be the love of Boomers life too, but could I handle that? Of course I could, as I share children with him, and have shared dogs with him in the past. Why wouldn’t I jump at this incredible opportunity? If it wasn’t Ray, it would never happen, as I wouldn’t let Boom go through another rehoming.

I called them back, and Ray was in his truck driving from Whitby to Brighton to pick up our Boom. I was on the sofa begging and sobbing for forgiveness, while beating myself up for being the most horrible mother in the world. I was abandoning my big beautiful Boomer. As per normal when Ray showed up, Boomer was all over him, slobbering on him, climbing on him and just plain being the dufus he has always been. I feared calling his kennel, as they too loved Boomer beyond belief. Most people who met Boomer and was used to slobbery dogs absolutely loved the guy. I expected everyone I told to tell me I was wrong, and most everyone was excited for Boomer.

When it came time for Ray to leave, that’s when the pain started. Boom took a look at his crate and backed away from Ray to stand behind me.  Usually when there is activity in the yard, Boomer would be out there but not this time. Boomer went up my landing, and was not having any part of this. He knew something was happening again, and he was being sent away now for the fourth time. My heart was broken into a million pieces on the floor, and I just wanted to scream “NO, you can’t have my dog.”  My head was saying you have no choice, as Boomer deserves to be happy. I was breaking my heart all over again after going through such pain over LuLu. Worse, I was breaking Boomer’s heart every day when I left for work, or got annoyed with him when I got home, as he didn’t give space to unwind.

A couple of hours later, Ray held me as I sobbed and then left with Boomer in the front seat of his truck. Boom resting his head on Ray’s lap in the truck, and I looking out the window in tears resting my head on the sofa as Boomer did every day when I left for work. The first 24 hours killed me, as my home now was a just a house.  A lonely house it was, when I realized he wasn’t there to greet me the next day. Of course I didn’t leave in guilt the next morning as his big eyes weren’t there to plead with me.  My house is now too quiet, soon his hair will disappear, and the slobber will eventually be wiped clean. A life without Boomer, everyone says, will be freedom, but for me it will be lonely. I have no one to get irritated with anymore, and every so often just like I did with LuLu, I will have an imaginary conversation with him.

The truth of Boom is that he is so very happy. I have yet to visit my big guy, and I only hope it will be an easy visit. I will be able to play with him whenever I like as he lives with my son and his father. That evening, my son Robert FaceTimed when he got home from work to say thank you and was over the moon. He was beaming with excitement because he loved Boomer, and now Boomer was with him every day. When I first adopted Boom, Robert would say he wished Boom was his dog. Well Rob, even though to me he was your dog….you can now say he is definitely your dog. Or should I say “Our” dog. You are most welcome my son, and you have made it so much easier on me as I now see how happy you all are.

The other truth of Boom is what my daughter brought to my attention.  When did our children become our words of wisdom? Kirstyn called that evening, and said Boomer was supposed to go to Dad all along. I listened and she brought this whole sad moment to a beautiful circle of life moment. Boomer came into my life for me to save him, but in truth is he was saving me. He was there for me as my life came tumbling down all around, and returned me to the original place I wanted to call home back in 2010. For the last 3 years, I have loved on Boomer and he has loved on me. I helped heal his wound of never being loved, and he helped heal mine. Now as my dreams are coming into fruition, Boomer has been falling apart. I cannot allow my dreams to grow and his happiness to suffer.

Three years ago, Ray was not in a position to bring Boomer into his life as he had other dogs. He turned down 2 dogs over the past month as they didn’t feel right for him. Ray was hesitating, and for what? With Kirstyn’s wisdom, I do believe she is right. The universe was lining everything up for all of our highest good. For the last 3 years, my kids got to love Boom alongside my grandpuppies Tundra and Frankie. They played together for 3 years and formed a pack running around in my trees. Our kids got to know Boom and now they are altogether and I am still in the picture.

Boomer’s life is now perfect, and he is getting exactly what any dog could wish for.  He is with a man who is home absolutely every day with him.  He will be taking him fishing and will be happy to have Boomer’s slobber fly all over him, because this is the kind of Dad he has always been. My kids get to see him every day. My son Robbie has the dog he wished for, and he is there to wake up to him every morning. The best part is Boomer is running around with Tundra, Frankie and Trixie all day long in their big back yard and thankfully a few trees.

As for myself?  When the time is right, I will return to Boomer’s world and love on him with all of my heart and in the best way that he deserves.  Sunshine will be right alongside chasing him as always and Boomer will know we was never abandoned. One day Boomer will return to Brighton for family gatherings, and he will know his forest is always here waiting for him. For now Boomer–our very own special Lassie–has moved on to love the hearts of my son and his father. I knew Lassie was the real deal all along!!

“I Love You Boomer, With All Of My Heart”

My Amazing Kids, and the Love of Their Dogs

Pastoral Chaplain

I am so very excited to be announcing that I have most recently been ordained to officiate weddings whether they be traditional to contemporary, from religious to a more secular presentation. You may be wanting to renew your vows, a commitment ceremony may also be an option if you are not legal to be married. Handfasting ceremonies, blending of the sand and many other options that may be of interest to your special day. I will also have a venue available for small weddings as well as hosting bridal party retreats leading up to the wedding day. What lady wouldn't want a few days with just her girls doing what girls do before they marry.

Excerpt from the Farmer's Almanac: What is Mercury Retrograde?

Due to the way our planet’s orbit interacts with the orbits of the other planets, they might sometimes appear to be traveling backward through the night sky with respect to the zodiac. This is, in fact, an illusion, which we call apparent retrograde motion.

Three times a year, it appears as if Mercury is traveling backwards. We refer to these periods as times when Mercury is in retrograde motion, or simply “Mercury retrograde.” These times in particular were traditionally associated with confusions, delay, and frustration. Think email blunders and frazzled travel plans.

However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. It’s said that intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary. When is Mercury Retrograde?

In 2020, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates:

February 17 to March 10

June 18 to July 12

October 14 to November 3

What to Do When Mercury is Retrograde

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.

So, when Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing contracts. Double check your email responses, check in with reservations before you take that trip.

Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. You can’t stop your life, but plan ahead, have back-up plans, and be prepared for angrier people and miscommunication.

Some people blame Mercury retrograde for “bad” things that happen in their lives. Instead, this is a good time to sit back and review where you put your energy in your life. For example, if family and faith are important to you, are you putting your energies there or just overextended in other areas?

Take a moment to reflect. Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to take a step back and reanalyze who you are and what you are doing—but do refrain from making any drastic changes until after retrograde has ended. Mercury & You

The type of influence you feel depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs Earth is in when Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury Retrograde and Zodiac Signs When Mercury enters retrograde motion within the range of dates for a given astrological sign, be wary of the listed effects.

IN AQUARIUS (Jan 20–Feb 18): With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, the sign 
that governs relationships, 
friendships are put at risk. Petty 
squabbles, misunderstandings, and miscommunications abound. Know who your friends are.

IN PISCES (Feb 19–Mar 20): Foggy thinking,
 daydreams, and escapism are 
the norm; day-to-day realities
 confound otherwise clear heads
 when Mercury, the planet that rules logic, is in Pisces, which governs illusion. Practice creative pursuits—writing, dancing, photography, film, or painting.

IN ARIES (Mar 21–Apr 19): Expect to be frustrated and frazzled. Assertive,
 impulsive Aries wants to move
 ahead, and all of the energy is going backward. Watch what you say and how you say it. Pay attention to what people say to you; you might be pleasantly surprised.

IN TAURUS (Apr 20–May 20): Take time to formulate your thoughts. Taurus, an unhurried sign, slows down the 
mental processes. He also governs banking, so delay money matters. Review financial matters, and position yourself for growth.

IN GEMINI (May 21–Jun 20): Because Gemini 
rules communications, be prepared for miscommunications
 when Mercury is in this sign. Expect lots of phone calls or none, and lost or misplaced mail. You may not articulate clearly, and gossip abounds. Old friends may reconnect.

IN CANCER (Jun 21–Jul 22): Expect annoyances 
at home with baking, gardening,
 and household duties under domesticated Cancer. Complete repair projects that weren’t finished or done correctly.

IN LEO (Jul 23–Aug 22): Avoid speculative investments. It is not a good time to
 buy and sell or do any trading.
 Instead, analyze your investment
 portfolio. Use your know-how and advisory skills to help friends and associates.

IN VIRGO (Aug 23–Sep 22): Challenging situations arise, especially in the 
workplace. Expect product delays and equipment breakdowns,
 as well as crankiness among coworkers under finicky, detail-oriented Virgo. Double-check your work before you call it finished.

IN LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): Accept your physical
 attributes; do not have a makeover. Indecision reigns, so limit
 purchases—or risk returning
 them. Libra, representing beauty, grace, charm, and diplomacy, is out of balance. Refresh, relax, and rejuvenate.

IN SCORPIO (Oct 23–Nov 21): Emotions rule—not common sense—so beware.
 Avoid affairs of the heart. Passionate Scorpio is also secretive, 
and your secrets may seep out. Keep them in a diary.

IN SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22–Dec 21): It is not a time 
to travel, so reschedule or expect
 delays, lines, and lost directions.
 Instead, take care of local affairs.
 Patience and a sense of humor are needed.

IN CAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 19): Avoid buying, 
selling, or renting real estate un
der Capricorn, the sign that governs property matters. Expect
 problems with paperwork, packing, and movers. Reunite with family or vacation at home.

Source: Source:

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is literally "sleep yoga" in Hindi.  It's a mental exercise that takes place in the mysterious borderland stage between wakefulness and sleep.  By maintaining awareness as you relax and your body starts to fall asleep, you can enter a profound state of consciousness - with potentially profound psychological, spiritual and physical benefits.   Yoga Nidra can illicit profound positive results in healing and quality of life.  Great for resilience to deal with every day-to-day life as well as increase your energy. This meditation (yoga for the brain) helps you restore balance no matter what life throws at you.   Date: Sunday, March 8th Time: 1:00PM to 2:30PM Price: $15.00 + HST Per Person DON'T MISS OUT! A friendly reminder that space in our workshops is limited. CONTACT US to secure your space!

Tarot Readings with Guidance from Spirit

I am so excited to be inviting back to Happy Place the amazing Vanessa for Tarot readings and guidance through spirit. I had the privilege of Vanessa joining my retreat and sharing her gift of the tarot with the kindred spirits who joined us. This was the best reading I have ever had in all my years and trust me there have been many. Vanessa connected many dots for me and I can’t wait for what will unfold going forward. Most of Vanessa's experience has been rooted in feeling energy and unknowingly following her intuition.  Her gut instinct has guided her through every interaction.  She works with her intuition and yours through Tarot and Oracle to create a sacred space for healing and guidance resulting in a more aligned experience. Vanessa has had 4 successful dates here at Happy Place with some inquiring to return.

Date: Saturday, April 18th Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Cost: $77.00 Per Person for One Hour

DON'T MISS OUT! Please register in the shoppe or contact us. Payment can be made in cash or by e-transfer.

Palm Readings with Messages from Spirit

Psychic Intuitive Donna Browning-Perkins (Jaguar Woman) will be returning and offering Palm Readings & Messages from Spirit.  This bright light will be introducing us to her gifts and her readings.  Please come and receive a 30 minute reading from this incredible being and one of the above mentioned dates that she is available. It is very clear to Donna that we all seek Love, Hope and Connection; no matter what stage of Life we find ourselves in.  Working with the support of her Spirit Guides, and her Totem Animal Jaguar, Donna is very grateful and honoured to spend time with the many wonderful people she meets, sharing Love, Light & Peace!  Upcoming Dates: Saturday, April 25th from 11AM to 5PM Saturday, June 6th from 11AM to 5PM Saturday, August 22nd from 11AM to 5PM

Cost: $40.00 Per Person for 30 Minutes

DON'T MISS OUT! Please register in the shoppe or contact us. Payment can be made in cash or by e-transfer.

Usui Reiki Level 1 Training


Usui Reiki Level 1 is the basic level of training.  At this level you will have a life-long access to Reiki energy and the ability to use Reiki energy to heal yourself and others.  During this level training you'll learn Reiki, Reiki history and how Reiki works.

The course includes the Attunement to the frequency of Reiki energy as well as your workbook.  All information required for this course will be shared with you upon registration.  Price: $155.00 + HST Per Person


As promised we will be hosting Reiki Circles for Reiki Practitioners of every level.  The main purpose for this Reiki share is to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honour, positive energy and devotion.  You will feel welcomed by a group of likeminded friends as well as continue to develop your practice, gain experience & receive a healing 'top-up'. Small financial contribution would be appreciated.

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga combined with the Healing Energy of Reiki

Join us for the most delicious evening of Restorative Yoga combined with the Healing Art of Reiki and Hot Stones.  This evening will be sure to relax your muscles, ground your body and provide comfort and healing to you.

Restorative Yoga is a deeply soothing form of yoga where the body is placed in highly therapeutic postures that are supported with soft bolsters, blocks and cozy blankets while the mind is invited to slow down.  As you relax in the poses, heated basalt stones are gently placed on your body.  The heat from the stones helps melt away layers of physical and emotional tension, resulting in a deep state of relaxation.

With the perfect combination of the supported yoga, hot stones and the Reiki you will be sure to go home feeling spoiled and fully in your bliss.


An Introduction to Chakra Awareness

Coming in April 2020

Which Tribe Are You In? Margaritaville Friday & Saturday–Wine Tour Girls Weekend Just in Time for Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8th at 4PM to Sunday, May 10th at 12PM INCLUDED:

Accommodations for 2 nights

All meals, margaritas, wine & snacks included

Full Moon Bon Fire & Dancing under the magic of the May Full Moon

Swimspa/Hot tub under the Stars

Sharing Circles and lots of them

Ladies choice of foot, hand or scalp massage

Saturday Prince Edward County Wine Tour

Friday Margaritaville  & Live Entertainment with Arsenault's Arsenal and may I add they are fantastic Plus so much more….

​We really hope you can join us in the most delicious weekend of being you.  This is just a small bite of what magic can be brought into your life with the experience of retreats regardless of which kind we go on.

Cost including HST is $399.00

Nonrefundable deposit of $50.00 to hold your spot as this will sell out.  Final payment due April 17, 2020 Please inquire with Patrice for payment plan options.   Contact us to book!​

Summer Solstice New Moon Retreat


Two Nights Shared Accommodations

All meals including 2 Dinners, 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, Beverages & Snacks included

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Yoga Nidra


Fire Hoop Safety & Virgin Burn

New Moon Ritual

Drum Down the Sun for the Summer Solstice off site


Swimspa/Hot tub under the Stars

Crystal Sound Bath

An Astrological Play & Paint

Gift Bag (Valued at over $100)

Plus So Much More.......​

Cost including HST Is $555.00, with a commuters rate of $420.00.

Special BONUS GIFT mailed out to you upon Early Soul Registration with a beautiful oracle deck to mark the summer solstice plus more with a retail value of $50.00 if paid in full by April 17th, 2020. Non Refundable Deposit of $100.00 to hold your spot with balance due by May 15, 2020. Payment plans are available so please reach out to us.

10 Awesome & Life Changing reasons to attend one of our retreats:

DISCONNECT- from the routine of daily life

INSPIRED - what lights you up and gives you purpose

LOVE - learning to love yourself

CONNECTION - finding your people

REMEMBERING - who you are

FUN - sometimes you just have to have fun

LETTING GO - releasing and renewing

GROWTH - being able to walk away knowing something in you has beautifully evolved

TIME - being able to leave your watch at the door

INNER PEACE - learning to breathe

Crystal Suncatchers

Our crystal suncatchers have arrived! These beauties will be sure to bring you many smiles and are the optical equivalent of a windchime.

Specialty Teas

The shoppe is now carrying many specialty teas including Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinals tea with inspirational messages and quotes with each teabag. I have dozens of different tasting teas that will be sure to make that special moment perfect or help you just to feel better at the right part of your day.

Don't miss the Party of Decades! Come out for a night of trivia, karaoke and dancing, and help support Art On Main 2020. Advanced tickets can be purchased at Special Effects Lifestyle Boutique–85 Main Street, Brighton. Art On Main is an annual event held in downtown Brighton, that showcases local visual, culinary and performing artists. Artists and artisans display, work and sell their craft at Memorial Park and in local participating businesses. Learn more at

"If you need sometime to believe in... start with yourself!"


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