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I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1990, and I've been trying to hang up this hat for over 10 years. 

Growing up, I knew that I was different from most, and over the past 10 years I've wanted to create a Happy Place for everyone I know and love. I have always been the girl who collected strays, and cried listening to happy and sad stories. As a Real Estate Agent, I would often tend to coach parents to work on their life together instead of breaking the family apart. My broker would say "Patrice, why didn't you sign the listing, and why are you helping them keep their house?" I would also have families come in with the dream of owning their first home, and no idea how to do it. I would, with all of my heart, create miracles to help them find their true Happy Place. 

In the mid-2000's, I started envisioning a different path for myself. I started seeing myself still helping others, but in a way that brought healing and joy into the lives of clients, friends, and anyone who would listen. On the back of my business card, I 

had the Walt Disney quote "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It." I went back to school for my spiritual psychotherapy degree and spiritual life coaching, only to be met with the biggest tragedy of my life - the loss of my mother. The strong lady my Mom had raised broke down, and I ran away from my dream and stayed hidden in my career in Real Estate. 

Over the years I have worked on creating a toolbox with various modalities and programs to help myself and to possibly help others in creating a safer and happier life.  I have been on auto pilot for so many years, and through so many tornadoes that finally on the last one in the summer of 2018, I said enough.  I said NO to fear and I said YES to love, which brings me back to that same little girl who cried at the lamb being run down in the Little Drummer Boy, that same girl who cried whenever my family made fun of me for being so loving and sensitive.  I am that same girl who sat around a Thanksgiving dinner back in 1997 asking my family just to love without hurt and was laughed at.  I am the same girl who stands 2 people behind a gentleman in a grocery store line up crying, as he is telling the cashier in Sobey's how much he misses his wife who passed away 2 years before.  I am the girl that cries at every happiness and every sadness that doesn’t even belong to her.  I am the girl who wants to create the Happy for the ones who already are happy, as well as the ones who are wanting to say "YES" to the Dream! I welcome you to join me on my journey.  "Let's do happy!"

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46 Prince Edward Street Unit #3
Brighton, Ontario
Due to Covid-19 things have been crazy and appointments of my own have changed so often.  Presently the hours at the shoppe are Tuesday to Saturday 11am until 4pm. 
Tuesdays Reiki Energy Healing is available by appointment. 
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